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A photography tour in Delft

If you are like me, visiting an interesting city is a must on every trip. I want to see all the highlights I found in my travel app, eat at the cutest restaurants and enjoy the most beautiful views. Besides this, I like to wander around and experience where the little streets take me. I enjoy the details and authentic feeling of a city, with new stories at every corner.

Through photography, I want to capture the feeling of a location. My photo series are complete when they tell the story of a city, without having to write any explanation! 

Stroll with me over the uneven cobbles of the streets of Delft and feel like a local inhabitant for a few hours. I believe there are a lot of hidden gems to be discovered, which you won’t find on any app or website!

What are we going to do?

At the beginning of the tour, I’ll start with explaining some theory on photography with examples of particular spots in Delft. Besides this, I’ll give you a few photographic challenges as a guideline on this adventure. The focus of the theory will be on working with subject and composition.

The route is situated in and around the center of Delft and will take 1-2 hours, depending on the preferences of the group. We will walk past some highlights and a few less known treasures to adress the theory. There will be plenty of time to take your pictures and ask questions if you want. Groups are always small, as I want it to be a personal experience.


  • We’ll start with theory on photography, with examples
  • I’ll set you up with some photographic challenges!
  • We’ll discuss your goal: Instagram, Facebook, photo book?
  • Walking past highlights and surprising gems
  • The tour will be 1-2 hours, depending on preference
  • Groups are 2-6 participants
  • Bring your own camera (mobile phone counts as well!)
  • Level of experience in photography: beginner – medium
  • Costs: pay-what-you-want-month in June!

Is this for you?

You’re a curious traveler who is open to discovering new places that are not listed on the map. Any experience in photography is not necessary, but you’re interested in taking your skills to a higher level. The photography tour is developed for photographers from none to medium experience.

To participate, you don’t need an expensive or professional camera. A decent phone camera will do! If you do own a DSLR camera, I recommend you bring a wide angle lens, as you can’t always stand back too much (watch the canals!).

During the end of the tour, we’ll pass some of the best ice cream shops in Delft. I won’t stop you if you want to go for some extra fuel..! There’s also a possibility to go for drinks with the group afterwards at the great market square.

What you'll have after the tour

  • A fun morning or evening with fellow photographers
  • Knowledge you can use at every city you visit
  • You’ll develop a new way of looking at details
  • A diverse series of photos of Delft, which you can post on social media or use for a photo book
  • You’ll have discovered new places that you wouldn’t have found on the map
  • At least one group photo at a typical location in Delft
  • Ice cream
  • The rest of your day to enjoy on your city trip!

Let's Go!

Yes, let’s do this! If you want to take the tour, make an easy booking on AirBnB Experiences:

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