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Hi, I am Mandy!

I’m graduated as a product designer and living in Delft for a decade now! My life in Delft started as a student in a small student room and I live in an apartment in the city centre to this day. The centre of Delft has been a lively and fast changing area the past few years and I like wondering around on my own, discovering new places.

 I guess I look at my surroundings in a product-designerly way. I have an eye for detail, color, structure, balance, lining and context. I enjoy looking for subtle stories in seemingly normal situations. It’s a valuable habit to be excited about the little things and I want to share this with people who come to visit Delft.

Photography has been a great hobby of mine. I was often ‘the photographer’ at parties and events. I also took photography classes while I was studying. Photography is a great way to be more mindful about your surroundings, as you are carefully looking for nice subjects and great compositions.

My other hobbies are baking, crafting, (race) biking, hiking, reading, drawing and watching series. I also like animals and love being in nature. 🙂 When I go on vacation I would always go for a combination of a city (culture) and relaxing in a green environment. My dream is to have my own company and to just be really awesome at designing and photography.

It would be great to meet you at one of my tours in Delft!

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